Banner Photo: Kilimanjaro - July 2011

Welcome to Live Awesome with MS

Getting diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is one of the scariest things that can happen to a person. But life after being diagnosed doesn’t have to be filled with fear. The only way I’ve found to make getting diagnosed with MS “ok” is to live a better life with it than I would have without it.

The first of the awesome things I have done was climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with 11 other people with MS and 4 people with Parkinson’s disease with Lori Schneider, the first person with MS to climb the 7 Summits and Everest. Next was to take a winter mountaineering course which involved carrying a 65 lb pack and hanging in glacier crevasses. Dec 16th, 2012  - Jan 3rd, 2013 Sean and I climbed Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas.

Upcoming adventures:

Signed up for an ice climbing day and a winter summit attempt of Mt. Washington for Feb 1st and 2nd. This will be my first adventure with my husband! Planning to climb Rainier via the Emmon's Glacier route starting June 29th, 2014.   Help decide and join in living awesome with MS by suggesting your ideas to sarah.r.conrad [at] gmail.com and visiting Project Living Awesome. As Sean, a fellow climber with MS said:

“Whatever cap MS puts on me, I will be performing just under it.”