Personal Experience with MS

I was diagnosed when I was 26 years old. My first symptom which caused me to go to the hospital was optic neuritis. It was like looking through milk. Colors were duller, and things were brighter. Plus when I looked to the side it hurt like my eye muscles were “sore”. In retrospect I had 2 other MS symptoms before that. When I bent my neck, tingles would run up and down my legs. This also happened, to the best of my recollection, several years before as I remember stretching in dance class and having this sensation. Both times it lasted a few weeks and didn’t happen every time I bent my neck. I thought it was a pinched nerve but come to find out none of the nerves in your neck connect to your legs…so that was faulty thinking. I also had severe arch cramps since I was 24 years old. The often happened at night. And if anything had improved since when I was 24 they happened every night and when I was diagnosed they happened maybe 1x per month. Now they increase and decrease in frequency from 1x every six months to 2x per week. Magnesium and Epsom salt baths seem to help. Other symptoms since being diagnosed: Buzzing (not tingling…it is as if someone holds a tuning fork to your foot) in my feet and neck. Periodically waking with my hand numb and freaking out that it won’t go away. However this could be from sleeping funny and holding my hand/arms in a weird position. More cramps in my toes, calves, and arches. I personally recommend following your symptoms with some sort of symptom diary so you accurately remember what has happened. At our yearly or biannual checkups with the MS specialist it is difficult to objectively remember how things were since humans change their memory quite often. I have set up a google document form which is emailed to me every day (by putting the link in my google calendar, setting up an email notification, and repeating the event every day. These are the questions asked in my form.  

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