The disease modifying drug I am currently on. Take home message: The least effective but safest MS treatment on the market. For newly diagnosed with a low level of starting symptoms it is nice first choice. Short version: Copaxone is composed of 4 amino acids which already occur naturally in your body and are similar to the make-up of myelin. Though the mechanism remains unknown, it is hypothesized that these amino acids act as a decoy to your immune system and so not all attacks are directed at your central nervous system. More coming later...

2 thoughts on “Copaxone

  1. My fiance has just been advised to begin this treatment after already being on beta seron and tysabri.
    opinions? Thoughts?

    • I am so sorry I haven’t responded to your comment. I had some major trouble logging into my website.

      Copaxone is weaker than Tysabri by maybe 1/2. Copaxone is probably comparable but probably weaker than Betaseron. I am not sure why the doctor would recommend Copaxone as a next treatment if those two didn’t work other than Copaxone uses a different pathway and some people might respond better to it. One consideration about Copaxone is it can take up to a year to be fully effective. The good thing about Copaxone is there are very few to no side effects.

      I would personally recommend your fiancé talk to his neurologist about Tecfidera. It has low side effects and is ~2x as effective as Copaxone.

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