Spirituality and Meditation

Spirituality & Meditation: Getting diagnosed with MS can have either a positive or negative (or oscillating) effect on your spiritual beliefs. I experienced a more oscillating effect going from very hopeful to hopeless about my future. I highly recommend: “The Power of the Mind to Heal the Body” but take some of the studies they cite with a grain of salt since some have later been disproven. However there seems to be such a thing as psychoneuroimmunology and you should take advantage of it in whatever way you can. I I also highly recommend “Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind” by Bill Johnson and this youtube clip on healing (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4wwTw7ZOtk). Basically I fully believe that God does not want you to be sick. God does not cause sickness. While good things can come from MS, it is not good in itself and therefore fight it with everything you can from medicine to spirituality. I personally do not think God would want people to get off of medicine in order to take a step of faith to be healed. I think that type of thinking is dangerous given the high percentage of people who are not healed and given the long and variable course of MS. Therefore my plan is to do everything I can medically and trust that God respects that even as I pray for divine intervention. I use this prayer to keep myself spiritually well and to harness whatever psychoneuroimmunological effect I can. This prayer was given to me by a Christian woman with MS shortly after I was diagnosed. You can easily modify this for whatever your faith is and I’ve personalized my own version for my personal religious beliefs and for my specific symptoms. However I am including the original and more generic Christian version here. If you are of another faith and if you modify this prayer according to your beliefs, please consider emailing it to me (sarah.r.conrad [at] gmail.com) to upload here and share with others. Prayer for Healing