What about supplements? I personally take the approach that it's best to get nutrient through diet especially since supplements can get expensive and their relative benefit is mostly unproven.  I would first change your diet before investing in supplements. However, if you want more details, read Dr. Wahl’s “Minding My Mitochondria” book for a complete list of supplements useful for your brain. Consider also that supplements are probably not as absorbable as getting the nutrients from food. Here is a nice article going over the lycopene in tomatoes vs supplemental intake as an example: Remember many supplements are water soluable and so you don’t run too much risk of getting toxic, and it is difficult to become toxic by getting all your nutrients only from food. However be careful especially of the fat soluable vitamins A, D, E & K which you can become toxic through supplementation. That said, here are some supplements I take: Regularly: Magnesium – 200-400mg per day at night to help with foot spasms and cramps Vit. D – 6000 IU per day (remember anything above 4000IU per day requires doctor supervision). Semi-regularly B12/B-complex – 1000mcg per day. B-vitamins are important! If you are vegan you absolutely must take B12, and if you are vegetarian it is still recommended to take some B12.  

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