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Please put your ideas below for how to live a more awesome life with MS. Here are some of my inspirations:

“To all those living in fear…climb beyond your limits.”
Lori Schneider, Founder and Lead Sherpa

Lori Schneider is the first person with MS to conquer the Seven Summits, including Everest. Diagnosed just over 10 years ago, Lori Schneider had a host of severe symptoms at first including complete numbness throughout her body, hearing and visual distortions, and balance problems. She was told she would be in a wheelchair within a few years. But Lori instead started to climb mountains. She had already climbed Kilimanjaro previously and the year after she was diagnosed she summited Aconcagua. She eventually conquered all the Seven Summits, finishing up with Everest in 2009. Now dedicated to inspiring others to climb beyond their limits, Lori Schneider led 11 people with Multiple Sclerosis and 4 people with Parkinson's Disease up Kilimanjaro in July 2011. I was one of the lucky climbers able to join. We wrote our stories in a book: More than a Mountain (which can be bought on Amazon and our group website is Above is a great video of how dancing has helped this professor with his Parkinson's diagnosis. And I found this video on YouTube of the "Gimp Monkeys", a group of amputee climbers and their epic ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite. If they can do it, we can do it. My two favorite messages from this inspiring video are: "We are limited by our beliefs" and "Everyone has a disability of some kind, mental physical. But you have to own it and use it to move you forward, not hold you back."  

3 thoughts on “Project Live Awesome

  1. Sarah, I love your website and your lust for all that is positive in life. Keep inspiring others to be all that they can be, as you do each day in your own life. You are a shining example of using your abilities and climbing beyond those perceived limitations that labels often place upon us. We CAN turn what we believe to be negative into something awesome, by using it as a catalyst to create a richer life. Shine brightly my friend! ~Lori

  2. While I don’t have MS or any real health challenges, what I do have is the effect of six decades on an active person. I loved the quote from one of the climbers in this video when he said that he didn’t want his disability to be an excuse for not doing what he was passionate about. I do not share his passion for rock climbing, but as I age, and as the rocking chair calls more loudly every day, I will remember what he said. Might have to abridge the activities, but I hope to NOT use my cumulative weaknesses as an excuse.
    Thanks for this site!

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